Sunday, July 27, 2014

Brussels Boring ?!

During the holidays everyone travels around the world. And yeah, it's a lot of fun! But isn't there a cheaper version ? Of course YES! Why can't you just be a tourist in your own city ?! The only thing you need to do is speak English and have such a chill walk, that everyone will believe you have a worriless life. And yeah, it feels kinda good, haha :)

So last week I had one of these trips around Brussels. And today I'm gonna tell you which places you should visit when you'll be in the Capital of Europe ! :)


#1 Maison Antoine, Place Jourdan, Etterbeek - French Fries are NOT American, NOR French. The first french fry has been baked and eaten in Belgium! There are many places where you can eat them, but if you want to eat crusty, fresh and Belgian fries, visit this place ! The queues are always long, you'll probably wait about 30 minutes. But trust me, it's worth the wait ! & Btw. it's not expensive :)

#2 Place Jourdan in general. It's a plain square with the Maison Antoine and a parking. What I like about this place is that there's a nice atmosphere, but there are not as many tourists as in the centre. Most of the people are citizens, so you simply enjoy daily Brussels :) Around the square are many  different restaurants. You have the more expensive ones, the sweet bakeries, the organic restaurant, the pubs, etc. Starting in the morning and eating every meal in a different restaurant is also an option :)

#3 La Cure Gourmande, Brussels Centre - Rue au Beurre : The Grand Place is a place everyone visits when in Brussels. When you leave the square and walk through the Rue au Beurre, you'll see many shops with pralines, meringues, etc. The shop I ADORE is La Cure Gourmande! When you enter the shop, you'll go nuts because of all the cookies, lollipops, nougats, ... ! I mean, there's literally no place on the shelves and furthermore everything is delicious ! Sometimes a lovely lady offers you a cookie :) #BestMoment 

#4 De Spoorweg Wandelpad, Oudergem - When people visit a city, they have a very busy schedule and try to visit the most important monuments. If one day you won't be one of those people, go for a walk through the Spoorweg Wandelpad. It's a path through South-Eastern Brussels, but it feels like you're in a forest. It's a very quiet place, where you can let your soul breathe and calm down :) 

#5 The Balls of Brussels or the Atomium - I live my whole life in Brussels and today was the first time I visited them. And if you want a very very short summary, well it gave me a weird feeling. I have no fear of heights, but when I was at the top I started to sweat and panic! Urgh. Horrible! In May I was in the Berliner Fernsehturm and everything was fine. But today it wasn't fine at all. My Mom and I had a feeling the balls were moving and the gravitation was so so weird. Maybe there was something wrong with the floor ? I don't know. But in the end, I was happy I did it, but you have to be prepared. And I wasn't.

#6 Parc Cinquatenaire, Etterbeek - The park I love the most! It's a park, where different cultures, languages and ages love to spend their time. It's also a very clean place with some monuments, museums and fountains! & It's close to the European buildings :)

#7 Jardin du Mont des Arts - One of the most romantic places in Brussels is this one. Especially at sunset. Listening to the music played on a saxophone and looking at this while sitting on the stairs, YES PLEASE!

#8 Museum of Natural Sciences - If you love science and even if you don't, visit the Museum of Natural Sciences. I visited it like 15 times in my life. I love it ! When I was a kid I was so scared of the dinosaurs, haha ! There are so many fossils and different exhibitions. The one I love the most is the one with the huge spiders ! I'm so scared of them that I only enjoy seeing them in terrariums. I'm such a bad kid :)

#9 Wittamer, Place Sablon - If you're in the mood to eat a very chic breakfast or have an upper class coffee break, go to Wittamer at Place Sablon. Their ... Everything is DELICIOUS ! Their pastries are so delicate and tasty ! When I'm there, I swear I believe I'm already in heaven, haha :) 

#10 Boston Steak House, Porte de Namur - If you want to eat something from the 'fast food' category, but want to stay away from McDonalds, go to the Boston Steak House. The hamburgers there look so good ! I haven't eaten them yet, 'cause when I'm there it's always very late. Once I ate their spaghetti and it was very good ! There are also a lot of different drinks. The place is quite mysterious and modern. I think you'll enjoy it :) 

(#11 The Neuhaus Pralines ! These are my favourites ! :))

If you're coming to Brussels, have a nice trip ! Any questions ? Ask me in the comments below ! & Like I always say, ENJOY #BELGING! What means, drinking beer and eating Belgian fries :)

Love y'all,
MissCherry xo 

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