Wednesday, July 2, 2014

How to survive High School ?

Hi Guys!

GUESS WHAT! I graduated last week! I’m so happy that it’s over, I will finally have some time for me, myself & I! The weather sucks, but let’s hope that it’ll be better in July, which starts in 11 hours, haha!

In High School I had good grades, but it was a tough time for me too. It's important to realise that everyone has their own worries and there's no point in judging someone. Besides, we all go through  puberty and school doesn’t give us any pause.


1. Sport
I chose jogging. This is what helped me the most. I admit, the first times are so hard. You’re dying after 5 minutes and you’re sweaty and urgh... why the hell did I even bother to leave the house?! But trust me, after like 3-4 times you will feel much better, so relaxed and PROUD! I felt really really proud ! While I run, I feel all my troubles escaping and I am less grumpy.

Another thing that motivated me were quotes. I looked up for really good quotes that gave me the energy to fight against my weaknesses. I stuck my Quote of the Month next to my desk. I re-drew my Quote of the Year instead of printing it out and I also decorated it with some personal doodles. By sticking it on the cover of my school diary, I could see it every day.

3. Nice alarm clock

If you want your mornings to get a tiny little bit better, set a nice alarm. Don't choose your favourite song, because you will hate it sooner than you think. What I did was give them new names. I called the 1st one 'Smile ‘cause you can' and the 2nd one 'Have a wonderful day'.

4. Hobby
School steals a lot of our lazy days. I don’t know in which year you are, but my last year was really tough. When you’re trying to have good grades at school, but you also want to do the things you love, you’ll notice that you don’t have enough time. The funny part is, that teachers keep on telling us to remember that our hobbies are important too. So don’t forget these words! Draw, do some sport, go out with friends! IT'S A BASIC HUMAN RIGHT

5. Sleep
If it comes to my sleeping schedule, I have to admit that I’m quite a difficult kid. I was never in the mood to go to bed early during the week. The reason why was because after school I did my homework and once it was done, it was time for my night routine & Sweet Dreams. What literally sucked, because a life with copy/paste-days started bothering me. And yes, every morning I was tired like hell. So here's the better recipe: go to bed at 10PM and get up at 7AM & you'll feel much better!

6. Problems
I don’t know how about you, but I think everyone has something that makes them feel less confident. We don’t always find an answer why it is like that. My problem at school was that I didn’t like to raise my hand in class or to read out loud. It made me really nervous and I kept on thinking about it. What made it even worse, ‘cause I became really unconfident. I don’t know what’s the best way to resolve it. When I talked about it, it seemed to become a part of me and I absolutely didn’t want that to be me. So I stopped talking about it and looked on the internet if someone had the same problem. There were tons of young people who felt the same way. This made me feel better, ‘cause I knew I wasn’t a weirdo. And through the years I changed a lot. I finally understood that it wasn’t written on my forehead, only in my thoughts. So be confident Buddies, you’ll feel much better :)

7. Eat healthy
“Yes, Mom! I will eat the orange you prepared for me! Mom.. I’m busy, I can’t eat it right now! I have to stay focused! Yes, Mom.. Please, can I just finish?” Uh-huh. Eating healthy is difficult. It’s not like there's no healthy food at home, but somehow my hand always went to the bowl where the chocolates were. I'll try to work on this. I eat healthy meals, but the snacks I eat between the meals aren’t so good. Somehow, when I have exams I try to eat crispy things, that don’t content a lot of fat and calories (e.g. Rice waffles, almonds, dried cranberries). But let's be honest, our body sometimes needs a whole bar of chocolate. 

8. Call a friend
It is a great feeling to have good friends. Somehow I didn’t find the people who I could call at 3 in the morning. The people I considered as friends were people who wanted me all for themselves, or people who replaced me for a new boyfriend, or simply left without a word. That hurts and leaves serious scars and causes serious trust issues. But before all of it happened I loved to be with them, going shopping, going to the movies, taking the train and enjoying a day at the sea-side. These kind of moments help you forget about small problems and make big problems seem smaller.

9. Spread your work
Homework. Urgh... Not a friendly-looking word. I always had a lot to do and it wasn’t a smart idea to start the evening before. So what I did was prepare it during the weekend. Not that I started Satuday at 7 am. On Saturday I almost never did my homework. Only if I had exams, but that’s quite normal. I did it on Sunday. When I was younger it was different, but last year I needed a lot of time if I wanted to avoid stress during the week. Spread your work and you'll feel less pressure!

10. Work on yourself
During these years at High School we change a lot. We’re in the most difficult period of our life. Let’s be honest, our body goes loco. If it comes to me, I’m not a speaker, I’m a listener. I don’t ask, I search for answers. In movies, in music, in books. No, I don’t really trust movies, ‘cause they always exaggerate. I do trust books! And music is my inspiration. Last night, I read a nice quote in “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” about it. The point was that you shouldn’t try to be a copy of a famous person. You should be a mixture of all the things you saw, heard, breathed, sang, danced and all the things that YOU bumped into on your path. Famous people have their lives and you have yours, so be yourself, because you’re unique!


MissCherry xo 

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