Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Shop Till You Drop

Hi Guys !

Today I'm quite moody. And if you ask me why, my answer will probably be : 'I don't know'. It's just one of those days. 

My day was actually quite good. I watched a movie with my mom called 'Julie & Julia'. It was about cooking and blogging. Very motivating to be honest. But the weather is horrible. I hoped it would only rain today, so I checked it on my iPod. And this is what I saw : 

The weather until Sunday. O to the M to the G. Now you probably understand why I feel like this.

So I'll probably stay at home, until the sun comes back and write a lot of new Blog Posts.

Let's switch moods, 'cause I hate to feel like this.


So 2 weeks ago was MY graduation ! I still can't believe it. I AM SO HAPPY ! It was such an important day to me, that I decided to buy a new dress and new shoes. My dress-hunting-project took me 3 days. While searching I had also the job to keep my dress-stress-o-meter under control, what wasn't easy. So I bought many other things, haha :) 

Here they are !


On the first picture you see on the left the album and on the right, like it's written on the cover, the Notebook :) The reason why I bought an album, is because I graduated and I want to make an album about my school career. I separated it in two parts. The first one is for all my class photos and the 2nd part will be My Burn Book. No, just kidding :) It'll be something like a Yearbook ? We don't do that in Belgium, so I decided to make my own one. I'll put a picture of every pupil, who was in my class and I'll write their name under the picture. So when I'll be older and Facebook won't exist anymore, I'll have a physical version of it, haha ! 
Don't ask me why I have bought a new notebook, 'cause I really have like 5 of 'em. It simply looked good, cost 4 euros and like you can see on the other pictures it has a lot of quotes on the inside! AND I LOVE QUOTES ! And I also write a lot. Don't worry, I'll fill these pages quickly :)


I also bought 2 albums. 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER'S! Because I LOVE THEM. And I'll stop here, before I'll start to fangirl :) And I'll also bought Michael Jackson's album Xscape, because he's a legend and I also like his music. The reason why I like his music is because you don't have to be in the mood to listen to it. And no matter what music you listen to, you'll love it. Maybe YOU listen to rap and I listen to rock, but we can sit together and listen to Michael Jackson's music. I call it peace-music. 
The two books in the picture - well, I didn't really buy them. 'The Fault in Our Stars' by John Green is a gift from my mom's friend that I received for my graduation. But I didn't start reading it, because I promised myself in September that I'll read 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower' AGAIN and highlight all my favourite quotes. But that didn't happen yet, so I'll do that first :) 


On the left you see my old wallet I received for my 16th Birthday. And I still love it ! The problem is, that when I take a small bag with me the colourful wallet is way too big. So I bought a new one ! First of all it is SMALL. And I also like the fact that it's not chique, but more punk rock. 


You never have too many of these, right ? I bought the birds because they remind me of Harry Styles' tattoo and sometimes I wear the female version of Harry's outfits. So now I'll also have matching earrings :) And I bought the Hearts, because they make you look cute, even if you have a plain outfit, a bad hair day, no make up, etc. It doesn't matter. You'll look cute, haha :)

Do you also buy things even if they're not on your list ? What do you buy ? Make up ? Clothes ? Accessories ? Tell me in the comments below !

Love y'all,
MissCherry xo