Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Bikini Time

Hi Guys !

In two weeks I'm going on holiday and now I realised I need a new Bikini or Bathing Suit! Here are the ones I think will look awesome on a girl this summer ! :)

I'm one of those girls who likes to look good, but also cute :) This is also why I love these bikinis. The reason why I love the Swimsuit is because it's also sexy, but it covers more your body, so you feel less naked. It also reminds me of Katy Perry in her 'Roar' video clip :)

These Bikinis are more plain, but from what I've read and heard, the frills on the top of the Bikini make your breasts look a little bit bigger. This sounds so funny, haha ! But yeah, the Bikinis also look cute :) 

When I was scrolling through the Glamour Summer Trends 2014 I saw the High-Neck Bikini. I think these look really really good ! It looks more special than a normal Bikini and furthermore you can get a nice tan on your tummy :)

I like this one because it's simply cute, has frills and doesn't cover your whole body :)

Here are more Swimsuits ! I LOVE THE PINK ONE ! It looks a little bit like a Sharkini, but is more girly and WOW! You're body will look even better in this one ! 
The White Swimsuit is more classic. I chose this one because it's actually a bikini, but between the top and the bottom is a good looking embroidery. And maybe when you get tanned, you'll have a nice pattern on your body, haha :) 

I don't know if I bought the Mint Green Swimsuit, because I don't know how I would look in it. Somehow it reminded me of the movie 'The Notebook' and I think it is so romantic and yes, I think Ryan Gosling is very handsome :) 

Here are some Bikinis with a Hipster Pattern and I like 'em a lot :) The Bikini on the left is my favourite !

Here you have different types of Bikinis :) You have one with Palms at Sunset, a Sporty one, one with a Floral Pattern and of course one with GLITTERS ! Because I love them so much :)

Remember that no matter what size you wear, you're beautiful and be happy with your body ! :) Tell me in the comments below which Bikini is your favourite ! 

Love y'all,
MissCherry xo

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