Thursday, August 28, 2014

Booksworms & Other Monsters.

Hi Guys !

While brushing my teeth, I was thinking about this blog post and it sounded the way I wanted it to be. Now I’m sitting here and nothing sounds right. Do you know that feeling ? Haha :)

Last Friday I arrived in Poland ! These two weeks I’m gonna try to spend a lot of time with my family. Or maybe enjoy the awkward conversations. We’ll see.

On our way I finally got the time to read ‘The Fault In Our Stars’. I’m on page 84. I know I’ll sound boring by saying that Augustus Waters is adorable, but he really is.

When I’m around new people I’m being considered as “The Quiet One”. It’s not like I’m not saying any word. I simply prefer to have a nice talk with some of the people and not with all of them. But yeah, before I start I need some time to observe who's easy to talk to and how to talk to them. The reason I don’t talk a lot is because I don’t feel like I should explain my life. Especially to people I don’t trust yet. Am I right or am I just acting like a freaky Scorpio ? I don’t know.

I have a friend. Maybe not really a friend, we're more like good class mates. She's really friendly towards me, but she's a person who talks about her miserable life all. the. time. & everyone's like : ‘Oh, poor you ! We understand you couldn’t do this or that, because you’re so unlucky!’. That’s something I don’t ever want to hear. 

So because of my trust issue I find my answers in books. I read a book, try to find the character who matches with my personality and see how (s)he changes throughout the story. I find quotes that answer my questions and show me sometimes what I’m doing wrong in my life. So I’m working on it and trying to change my attitude.

One of the conversations that made me think while reading “Along for the Ride” by Sarah Dessen : 
“You were right, you know.” 
“About what?” 
“Me”, I said. “How I always quit if I don’t get something right the first time. It’s been a big mistake.” 
“So you believe in second chances now,” he said, clarifying. 
“I believe” I said.

Books simply complete me. It helps to solve my problems and makes me a better person, I think. Books mean a lot to some people, so don’t judge them when they tell you they enjoy reading.

Have a wonderful day, (or Sweet Dreams, Europeans :) ! )

Love y'all,
Miss Cherry xo

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