Monday, August 18, 2014

Express Yourself

Hi Guys !

Last week the world got to hear the horrible news about Robin Williams. I remember him from different movies, but I didn't know much about him. The day he died I read for the first time about his depression and the fact that he had problems with alcohol and drugs. "He seemed such a happy person !" - I'm sure these words didn't only come out of my mouth the day he died. 

Isn't it shocking that the words "Comedian" and "Suicide" were written next to the name "Robin Williams" in headlines all around the world ?!

I'm not gonna talk over his life, because I'm not one to judge. Somehow, I would like to ask why are people pretending that everything's fine, while they're going through hell ? I'm not talking about Robin Williams, I'm talking about people in general. 

Why are there so many ... children actually drinking alcohol, smoking weed, hurting themselves ? I don't think that's the answer to their problems. Why are we trying to live a perfect life ? Life isn't an easy game and I think everyone knows it by now. I also have dark days behind my back and I'm sure, they're gonna knock on my door again. 

I want to tell every person who reads this blog, to stop smiling when you're not feeling fine. I usually hear "Come on, you're strong, don't cry !", but sometimes that's the thing you really need to do. So what if you're a man, I mean, men have feelings too, right ? Stop hiding your emotions ! A bad feeling doesn't just go away. & if it does leave for a couple of weeks, it'll come back as soon as you'll have a bad day again and then it could be too much at once.

A thing that's also very important is to talk about the things that are bothering you. I'm gonna be honest with you, I'm not a person, who talks a lot. Not many people know me well. I don't know why, maybe because I'm a Scorpio ? Or maybe because I'm simply a quiet person ? Whatever, the point is that it's a tough game to make me tell something personal. What I did, was write it all down. I have a diary, where I wrote all the bad things I went through and I don't know if it helped, but I think I'm done with this chapter. I haven't opened it since October 2012. I planned to read it again this summer, but I'm kinda afraid that if I open it, all the bad things will fly out of it like out of Pandora's box.

So dear people around the world, don't shut yourself in your small world. Be a truly happy person. People who deserve to be punched in the face will always exist. Just believe you can do it and when something's wrong, face it before it'll be too late. 

Love y'all,
MissCherry xo