Friday, September 26, 2014

Make A Wish !

Hi Buddies !

Today College started for real :) Okay maybe not, because I had only one hour of English. I'm at home since 10 am, BUT I had to be there at 8 am. I KNOW, SO EARLY ! Tomorrow it'll start for real. I have some books already, so I started studying, just to be on the safe side. I'll have to study it anyway, so if I start today or next week, it doesn't really matter to me. I like English, so improving it is a pleasure, haha ! I sound so nerdy :)

Next, Please !

My Birthday is in one month ! I am SO happy ! Can't believe I'm turning 19 already ! Somehow, I'm happy, 'cause 18 wasn't the age I wanted to be. People don't take you seriously when you say you're 18. They're looking at you with this strange look and their thoughts are so obvious. They're like : 'Oh, you probably turned 17 last month and now you're pretending to be 18. #loser.'

So yeah. Every year, when my Birthday approaches and someone asks me what I want for my birthday, I'm like 'Idk. *awkward silence*'. This is why This Year I'm PREPARED !

#1 Disney Couture Jewelry

I saw it for the first time about 2 years ago and I fell in love ! 
As I'm a Quote Lover, the bracelets are my favourite ones :)

#2 Old Beautiful Typing Machine

I love writing. So I think this is something I should have :) 
& A Diary written on a Typing Machine looks much better than a printed note.

#3 Sunflowers

Because they're beautiful.
& when someone gives them to you, you feel like you received a piece of the sun.
That only shines for you.

#4 Bake me a Cake

It doesn't have to be as beautiful as this one. A simple cake will also make me smile.
"The greatest gift you can give someone is your time. Because when you give your time, you are giving a portion of your life that you will never get back."
& also a simple cake with a lot of whipped cream so we can have a cake fight :)

#5 Cosmetics

You don't have to wear a lot of make up.
But every woman needs expensive cosmetics to feel better, right ?

#6 A Personal Scrap Book

A scrapbook with pictures of me and someone. 
Personal notes. Memories. Compliments.
That's like the most beautiful gift I could receive. 

#7 If I showed up with a plane ticket. Would you wanna run away too ? 

The answer is Yes ! I would love to explore the world. 
But you know, a ticket to Disneyland would also make me happy, haha ! 

#8 Blender for Smoothies

Smoothies are really healthy. & I love to drink them.
So I think it's a great gift :)

#9 Chess Game

I always wanted to learn how to play chess. & this summer I did ! 
I'm so proud of myself, haha ! I can't win, though. 
& if you're thinking about a cute kitty, you can also buy me one :)
My mom will be happy for sure.

#10 Quote Calendar

I think you already noticed I'm obsessed with Quotes. 
That's why a Calendar with a Quote for every day would make me happy every day of the year.

When's your Birthday ? Do you have something in mind you would love to receive ? Tell me in the comments below ! :) 

Love y'all,
MissCherry xo

My Song of the Week is Heroes by Alesso and Tove Lo. I love the chorus the most :)

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