Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Rain & Shine

Hi Buddies !

Summer's almost gone. Most kids are at school, still believing they'll nail their New School Year Resolutions. & I am sitting here, hoping my first year at the university will be a succes. I don't really know what to expect, but let's hope I can do it. 

These are only thoughts, but one of the most obvious facts is that after summer, we'll have fall. & Fall in Belgium means rain. No, fall doesn't mean rain. Belgium means actually rain. 

Wearing expensive shoes isn't smart at all, 'cause you'll only throw your money away. & yeah, I know gumboots remind you of your grandparents' green, ugly, heavy shoes. Somehow, when I was walking around here in Poland I noticed so many girly and cute Rain Boots ! Until now I haven't bought any, 'cause they don't have my size or are very expensive. But today I about to go hunt again !

Here are some of these Rain Boots that will make you look great, even when it's grey and rainy. 'Cause the weather can make you feel bad, but if you look cute -even though it's fall- you'll feel good :)

Here you've got the basic Black ones.

Here you have them also in beige :)

And Navy Blue is also an option !

Here you see different combinations.

The beautiful brown ones *heart-eyes emoji* from La Garçonne.

Black, Blue & Red. 

Different colours and styles.

These have an extra decorative element, which makes them look more chic. 

These are designed by 

Black with studs by 
Ted Baker

& Now some brighter ones :)

These have been designed by
Vivienne Westwood

These too :)

& the ones I saw the most today !

Like you see, some are less expensive than others. They all look great, so I hope they'll have your size ! Which are your favourite ones ? I fell in love with them, so tell me what you think in the comments below !

Love y'all, MissCherry xo

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