Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Golden Elephants

Hi Guys !

It's getting late, but I got inspired, so I thought - why not write about it ? Don't ask me why, but this month I am in love with golden elephants. I am hunting for a T-shirt with an elephant made out of golden sequins. That is my goal, haha ! Haven't found one yet, but the summer has only begun.

However, there is much more than only clothes with elephant prints. So here it comes - watch and fall in love.

So let's kick off with jewellery

Keep it discreet

Or go all the way out

Wear it around your wrist

Or maybe around your ankle ?

Fingers and ears are also an option.

And then there's option B
Decorate your whole house and put golden elephants EVERYWHERE !

Aren't they lovely ? 
But if that's still not enough, why don't you simply print it on your body ?

I hope you love them as much as I do !

Miss Cherry xo

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