Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Poland for Dummies

Hi Guys !

I know ... It's August! And here I am back with many memories, new adventures tattooed on my soul and unfortunately a cold. I spent the past few days in bed, bc I had the flu. During. The. Summer. Crazy, I know. Last year we went to Poland in August and the weather was bad, so this year we came to the conclusion that July might be a better idea. Well, the weather at the seaside was most of the time less than 20 degrees, rain and wind. Now I'm stuck in this house for 5 days and it's 31 DEGREES outside. Do you feel me? Well, that was an emotional intro, so let me get to the point.

Of course I don't want to say that Poland is a boring country, because it has an impressive history and many great places to discover. Simply book your tickets and cross your fingers!

This year we decided to go to the seaside, to the Tricity - Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia. We stayed in Gdańsk, we had a really comfortable apartment in the middle of the city, so once we left we were in the centre within 5 minutes.

Day 1 

We arrived in Gdańsk around 3 pm, so we decided to hop on the "train" (it's something between a train and the metro, actually) and go to Sopot to see the sea. The picture below proves that it was windy. Spot the warm coffee I'm holding and the warm sweater I'm wearing.

Day 2

The weather in the morning didn't surprise us. It was really really cold ! We decided to go to the Gdańsk Shipyard, where a lot of history has been formed. Not only the history of Poland, but also of Europe and of the World.

Here are simply some pictures of the museum, because... Oh I forgot to tell you.
There is a museum in the Gdańsk Shipyard to explain what Solidarność a.k.a. Solidarity means.
They told us we needed around 2-3 hours to see the whole museum. We spent there 6 hours.
Yupp, 6 HOURS. And trust me, I wasn't bored at all.
You learn history, not by reading or listening to a (maybe) boring teacher.
You learn it by watching videos, walking around and seeing.
You can also touch a lot. You know screens I mean. 
You're your own guide and in my opinion, it couldn't be any more interesting.

Day 3

We basically walked around Sopot and in the evening around Gdańsk. I wanted to buy a book so badly, because I wanted to read Paper Towns faster, but that was also the only book I had taken with me. Unfortunately, I didn't find any book super interesting. I didn't want to read any romantic story AGAIN. I actually didn't know what I was looking for, haha. I simply wanted a good book.

A colourful fruit stand near our apartment :)

Crooked Little House a.k.a. Krzywy domek

The Saint Mary's Church a.k.a. Bazylika Mariacka
The largest (in my opinion, but according to Wikipedia it is ONE of the largest)
European Brick Gothic buildings. 

The famous Crane a.k.a. Żuraw

Neptune without his fountain :)
Dunno, if it's the real one as he has been stolen several times.

Day 4

This was a Sunday, that's something I know for sure, haha. Just walking around, enjoying life :)

That's the Saint Mary's Church on the inside.
It's beautiful!

There was also a Candy Factory and I really wanted to go there, 
the guy doing this was really handsome. It's true.

This is the arena built for the UEFA European Championship anno 2012 ! 
I really wanted to see it, haha.
So that's what we did. I entered the building and there was a guy looking 
from above his desk, hahaha
And I was like "I know it's 9 pm, but is there something I can see?"
And he was like "Uhm, not really. There was a game today, so it was actually closed the whole day"
"Oh, that sucks", I replied 
So he told me that I can just walk around over there, but there was simply a gym.
Nothing I was craving to see. 
So I asked him if he can check what time our tram is coming and complimented his hair.
But he still didn't let us in.
He was cool, though.

Day 5

We went to visit my aunt, so we had to take the train.
The view was amazing ! We saw the sea !

More pictures of the Gdańsk Shipyard

Day 6

We spent this day at the Beach.
No, I didn't swim, bc it was still cold
I was lying on the beach and I was taking my hoodie on and off
That was fun!

Day 7

And the last day in Gdańsk

We also went for one day to Giżycko. We actually did all that effort to go to a restaurant. But it was a really good restaurant ! It was La Bibliothèque at the Saint Bruno Hotel

My absolutely delicious dessert !

And there was also a storm!

And the next day was the flight back to Belgium...

Some Warsaw :)

I hope you enjoyed this post,

Miss Cherry xo

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