Monday, September 7, 2015

Just Maybe

Maybe suicide isn't the side effect of life, 
Maybe suicide is the side effect of pain.

Maybe a smile isn't the side effect of happiness,
Maybe a smile is the side effect of pain.

Maybe tears aren't the side effect of pain,
Maybe tears are the side effect of happiness.

Maybe tears are the ones that heal us,
Maybe smiles are the ones that hurt us.


Hi Guys,

I love quotes so much, maybe that's because they usually reassure me that I'm not crazy. That my thoughts, my fears and doubts are normal. Poetry started to inspire me as well this summer. It doesn't always have to rhyme, I just enjoy when it makes me feel like "yes, exactly. This is so true, this is what I needed to read". Such feelings make me feel so peaceful. 
I wrote this poem in August 2014. The words "side effect" have been inspired by The Fault In Our Stars - the book I read that summer. The poem is about suicide, because that's what happened to someone I know. He always seemed such a happy person, but his last string broke. This is about him and many people who hide behind a smile and aren't actually happy at all. I hope you like it. If I write other poems, I'm going to post them as well. 


Miss Cherry xo

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