Friday, September 11, 2015

Travel Your Life

Hi Guys !

I have slightly more than a week of my holidays left. I am actually excited about the new year. Last year I was very focused on my studies, but this year I would like to enjoy being a student as well. That's why I became a Buddy for Erasmus Students, I hope to meet many people from all around the world and have a lot of fun. And yes, I still want to pass all my exams - Priority NĂºmero Uno :)

So before this years starts again, I'd like to evaluate my year by going through all my goals I've enumerated in the Blog Post New Chapter. Oh and a cool thing I'd like to share with you - yesterday I went to buy a book, but of course I failed, because I came back with three books and many others small things - but one of the books is actually a Diary with 365 questions, so that's a question for every day and you answer it during 5 years and realise how much you really change. I love the idea ! Apparently some questions are easy, others are more philosophical. I am absolutely in love with it :)

Let's start off :)

It's really awkward that this was my Number One, haha ! Whatevah :) So yes, there are many handsome guys at uni, in my group there are two handsome guys. However, one smokes and the other one has a bad hygiene, hahah I am way too honest sometimes ! But I didn't mention any names :) So I met guys this year but none of them was real Boyfriend Material. 

#Soul mates
This year, I met many new people and I enjoyed it a lot ! It was fun to listen to different opinions and laugh at different jokes. Oh, uni is music for the soul :) However, I didn't meet a real Soul mate. I met one girl with whom I wasn't real friends, we didn't feel the need to contact each other all the time, but when the summer came we wanted to hang out, that was fun ! We think about several abstract things the same way and we laugh at the same things, so she might be a nice person. Time will tell :)
I also met another person, this time it is a guy. It was really strange how we met, because we met through a dating app. I always was like "UH NO, Dating Apps are for losers" haha ! Seems like I'm one of those Losers now, but I actually don't really care. So yeah, he had original ways of seeing the world, but unfortunately he was only a soul mate for one season. Let's call it a Spring Soul Mate

#Master Degree
It is still far, but I'm one step closer :) I nailed my first year at uni ! I am so proud of it, but Mom seems to be even prouder of it, because she tells it to Every Single person she meets. It's like "Oh ! Hi ! This is my daughter - she passed all her exams at uni." and I stand next to her like "Jupp, that's really awkward, Mom", haha ! 
I have new ideas for the future, which I'm happy about, because I feel a little bit safer :) But I don't plan too much, so we'll see which move will be the smartest at that certain period of my life.

I am still bad at this, haha ! I didn't go to any party this year, but I went to live parties ! Hell-o ! That's much more spectacular ! I saw Ed Sheeran, 5 Seconds Of Summer and One Direction LIVE ! That's much cooler than a party in my opinion. 
I know that's not the point of this paragraph. So no, I didn't go to any party this year :) I'll might go this year, but I am not seeing forward to it, haha

#Stay Lexie
I love the way I described it in my old Blog Post. I think I'm still the same person, but I have new opinions and ideas. I still do the nerdy things I used to do when I was bored in High School like baking and knitting. I am quite proud of it. That's original after all !
I am still a fangirl, maybe I have less symptoms than I used to have in High School, but I am still slightly shaking when I buy tickets and I am super happy when I hold them. Being a Fangirl should be a profession, that cost a lot of money, stress and emotions ! 

#Fit Soul in Fit Body ?
This is actually true ! When I exercise regularly I feel much better. I feel calm and I am much more confident. Feeling confident is making my days brighter. However, there are days when I lock myself up and it makes me anxious and I absolutely can't change it. It happens and it's time to get used to it.
So yes, I didn't have gym class anymore. THANK GOD ! I absolutely hated it in High School, haha ! I only liked Korfball - the most unknown ball sport EVER, haha ! #AnythingButOrdinary It wasn't aggressive which made me like it. However, I was so into the game that I got aggressive myself ! Hahaha ! Once, I wanted to catch the ball and my friend, who is much taller than me, wanted to catch it as well and he pushed me and I fell against a wall. Yes, you read it correctly ! It makes me laugh now, but then something cracked in my back and I felt tackled for real that one time, BUT I still love Korfball :)
So now I am into Morning Runs and Swimming ! Yes, I'm waiting for your applause 

#Travel the World
This year I should start choosing a country where I would like to spend some time to study to learn one of the languages I study in real daily situations. I am excited about it, but also a little bit scared. It's gonna be fun, Lexie, don't worry, it's gonna be fine. (You see that's how I talk with myself. One part of me is scared and the other one comforts it, haha !)
But I travelled to London this year ! It was only for one day, but we did a lot and I absolutely loved it ! Oh, and as a Buddy, I will "travel" by meeting people from all around the world who travelled with their culture to Belgium ! :)

#French Friends
You see, during one year many many things change. I feel less awkward while speaking French for example. I still don't enjoy talking French with people who have French as their mother tongue. I think I should get rid of my perfectionism, but whatever. That's how it is. However, that girl I spoke about in the paragraph Soul mates is one of the people I speak French with and I don't feel awkward. That's probably because her mother tongue is Flemish. 
A new thing is that I love to think about French. I like to speak French in shops and other institutions and use all those grammatical constructions. I remember when I was in year 2 - I hated French at school and I thought "Omg, I will never study this in the future". See, that's how we change. I love what I'm doing now :)

#Pwetty Attitude
I'm still anxious and I actually think it got worse, but I am more confident, less shy, more chatty, less grumpy, more flirty & happy ! :) That's actually true, no joke 


Well, that's one thing I failed at this year. I really didn't have the time to write that much and when I did, I preferred to do something else than sitting at home in front of my laptop. I'm both sorry and not sorry about it. I still like to write, so I hope I won't abandon this blog.


MissCherry xo

John Mayer and Keith Urban at the Crossroads Guitar Festival back in 2013.
My teacher showed us several videos while we were learning about guitars in High School.
However, only this one got stuck in my head. 
Afterwards I realised that the guy in the flower-printed shirt and the artist on my iPod were both the one and only John Mayer, haha

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