Thursday, October 15, 2015

Different Definition

Hi Guys ! 

I'm sitting in the kitchen right now, waiting at my Bunny to hop out of its cage. I have it since three days and it's still a little scared, but it's doing better :) It's so cute! I've never had a bunny before, so I'm reading every day a little about these mysterious animals haha!

It's all about compromises. My mom wanted to buy a pug, I wanted to buy a cat, so in the end we bought a Bunny. It's still chewing on hay, absolutely not in the mood to leave the cage I guess! But that's not what my Post will be about... 

I want to write a small note to somebody, who is a representative of a certain mentality. So I basically want to write to all the cool kids who are like-minded.

I am a Scorpio, which means I am quite good at analysing people's behaviour. I'm not an expert, but I am good at it. So here comes my story : A while ago I met a guy, we went out and everything seemed to be fine. However, I noticed that he has this weird way of looking at others. He was very confident and in my opinion he was convinced that everything he did in life was the absolute best. 

I'm not saying that his approach to life is bad - it is good. If he enjoys it, that's perfectly fine with me, but those kind of people need to understand that there isn't one model of a happy human being. We are all different and every one of us was defined by so many factors. Some people don't feel like opening up in front of everyone. Others feel great about telling all their future plans. Some people eat chocolate piece by piece. Others bite into the chocolate bar. No matter which one of them you are, both are doing the right thing. 

If someone isn't into talking, it means they are good listeners. It doesn't mean you have to convince them to talk more. If someone doesn't like some sort of music, it doesn't mean their taste in music is bad. If someone doesn't feel like bungee-jumping, it doesn't mean they are wasting their life. 

It's that simple. 

If you notice that someone is different than you, don't try to change them. If that person asks you or shows you that they would like to do things differently in life - help them. Don't push them! It makes them feel uncomfortable. It makes them like you less, not more. You are not the perfect example of a human being. You are only the perfect definition of "How to be Yourself". 

This means that there are no borders. Even when someone goes beyond your border, it's still art!


MissCherry xo 

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