Monday, January 4, 2016

Made in 2016

Hi Guys!

I'm taking a break, so I decided to write a quick post as I haven't been much here the past month. 

So first and for all, I wish you a Wonderful 2016! May all your wishes come true and may your List of Resolutions not be too long. Enjoy the little things and if life hands you lemons, make chocolate cake and leave haters wondering how you did it. 

On Twitter I found a great list of what @SincerelyTumblr learned in 2015, so I'm simply going to share it with you. It might help you to finally move on to 2016! 'Cause like my Mom says: "If you don't finish a day properly, you cannot start the next one properly", which is also applicable to a year in my opinion.

❄ ❄  15 Things Learned in 2015 ❄ ❄ 

1. Having a positive outlook is half the battle. No one wants to hear someone talk about the negative aspects of life. If you deal the cards you’re holding, instead of wishing you could play others, you might not win the game, but at least you’re not losing by default.

2. The people you surround yourself have a direct impact on how you feel. If they aren’t making you feel appreciated, loved or accepted, then why are they considered your friends anyway?

3. Don’t go back to old loves just because they’re all you know. Doing the same thing over and over probably won’t get you any new results. It’s exhausting — to relight a flame that has burned out so many times before.

4. Distance can cause two people to grow apart. And that’s okay.

5. There are friends that you gossip with, shop with, stage those cliché Instagram pictures with, but there are also the friends who will be there at 3:00 AM when you text them in need of reassurance. Make sure you distinguish the difference between these people early on.

6. Red lips are always the way to go.

7. Holding onto anger will only cause you to grow bitter. If someone shows you why you shouldn’t trust in love, love even more. If someone doesn’t like who you are, be who you are even more.

8. You might not have everything figured out right now. Whether that means you can’t decide on a college or what you want to do for the rest of your life, you need to establish that the period of transition is completely necessary to get where you are going.

9. Become your own best friend. Have your own back. Dance in front of the mirror to Justin Bieber. You don’t need someone else to validate your worth.

10. You will sometimes miss the people who hurt you. That is not a bad thing. This means that you loved with all your heart and there is still love left in you.

11. You will distance yourself from the person you used to be. If you could have a conversation with who you were last year, it probably would feel like talking to a stranger. You’ve grown. You’ve learned. 

12. If you are liked by someone who is unkind to others, it says a lot about you.

13. Dance. You look stupid. But not as stupid as the ones who refuse to dance.

14. Go after what you love. Play the odds. You have to take bold risks in love if you ever want something good to come from it.

15. Timing most likely will never be on your side, but you have to trust in it. There are reasons why things don’t work out. Timing will not only make you close company with the past, where you’ll be reminded of the things that didn’t work out, but the future, where you’ll meet the reasons why it never did. 

❄ ❄ ❄ ❄ 

I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did! Have fun in January! 

MissCherry xo

P.S. And for those who are also going through the tough time called "EXAMS", here's my all time favourite song. Or let's call it scene, next to Dory speaking Whale!
Better songs should come in two months or something, 
when I finally stop listening to Christmas carols over and over again haha

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