Sunday, February 7, 2016

Don't you know that you're Toxic?

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Guess what! Today I am writing Blog Post 6 out of 7 and that's so close to reaching my goal!

Today's Post is going to be about Health. There was the period when people rushed everywhere and they lived in the fast lane. Today we all start to slow down and wonder: "What is actually going into our body and what are the effects of it?".

I am one of those people who read EVERY SINGLE ingredient that is in the product I want to buy. Next to all the Es (colorants and preservatives) which are super unhealthy, there are also many other things we should avoid. I'm not going to enumerate them all, just a few to give your brain a small boost and motivate you to read your etiquettes as well. 

I know it costs you a lot of time, but once you know what is in your product and you like it, you can buy it afterwards without reading all the ingredients.


One day my Mom was reading some magazine and she read that fluoride is very unhealthy. It is obviously in our toothpaste, but also in some bottled waters. 
I tried to use an ecologic toothpaste without fluor, but that wasn't satisfying. It kind of melted in my mouth and it didn't produce enough foam, haha! & I love brushing me teeth (Let's use some Irish accent here, haha!). 
Some say that it is good, because it protects your teeth. That's correct, but fluoride should be actually only used externally, without going into your organism. That's what I understand. I won't write about the negative side of fluoride, because I don't want to exaggerate, but it is serious. So at least, try to buy water without it!


This one! I always loved Nutella, but after watching a program on TV about Palm Oil, I haven't eaten it ever since. I am not trying to make you feel bad, I'm just telling you the truth. Palm oil is produced in developing countries. First of all, deforestation of beautiful natural paradises. Second of all, the farmers who grow these use highly toxic pesticides. Third of all, it is very unhealthy for those consuming it.
Palm oil was going to be a substitute for animal fat, but it is actually even worse for our health. It is bad for our cardiovascular system, which are our heart and our veins. Besides, if you have skin problems, it will make them even worse. 
The sad truth is, that this oil is in so many food products. In the supermarket, there is palm oil in like 98% of the cookies and I am not even joking. Even fancy chocolates have palm oil in them, which makes me even sadder. What I do is simply read all the etiquettes. I'm still not joking. There are some cookies without palm oil and there are bars of dark chocolate without it too. It sounds difficult, but it is worth it. 


I don't know what to tell you about it. It's simply unhealthy. You can find this thing (because I have no idea what it really is) in cosmetics. Mostly in skin care products and hair products, like shampoos,  hair oils, etc. 
My lecturer, who teaches French, but also studied molecular chemistry or something, said that this is the basis of the product. She said that it is bad for your health and that the risk is real. 

I encourage you to read about the dangers of these "ingredients" and take them into consideration :) Like my friend's father once said: "if there are more than three ingredients in your chicken, trust me, that is not chicken" & I agree with that!

To finish, let's send some positive energy into the world wide web! I'm going to give you one tip to detox, that my Mom keeeeeps on repeating. DRINK BEET JUICE!

I hope you enjoyed it!

MissCherry xo

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