Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Hi Guys!

To celebrate the new design of my Blog, I'm going to write an even fancy and girly post! I got tired of the last design and as the lady over here got an A on her ICT exam, I did everything on my own :)

Here they come -- my favourite Beauty Products!

Let's start with the basics.

Número Uno is my BB Cream from Clinique.

As I don't use any concealer or foundation, I think investing in a good BB Cream is crucial.
Before this one, I used a BB Cream from Garnier, but it didn't work well with my skin type. After 3 hours my skin got irritated. Luckily, it doesn't happen with the BB Cream from Clinique as it doesn't contain any perfume + it has Anti-irritants (I've got no clue what those are, but it works!). It is for all skin types. It looks natural, which I think is very important. & it has a SPF30, which I need while being on Accutane.

Second of all,

My wonderful eyeshadow palette the Auda[city] in Paris from Lancôme

The reason why I love it is because it looks very professional. Besides, you can choose from 16 shadows to emphasise your beautiful eyes. There are light colours and dark colours. Sparkly shadows and matte shadows. I think that's all you need!

Time for the Mascara!

At the moment I'm using Diorshow Iconic Overcurl from Christian Dior.

This one is pretty expensive, so I'm already telling you than I didn't buy it. It's actually my Mom's, but she's got a new one and forgot about this one so I took it. #RebelliousMuch
I also have a mascara from Lancôme, but I must admit that the one from Dior curls your eyelashes more. This time the name is not a lie, the Iconic Overcurl is REAL.

Lipstick Time!

I am so in love with lipsticks, so I might do a review about all the lipsticks I have. However, now I have to choose only one and my choice is made pretty quickly.
My Mom has always used the Rouge Magnetic Truly from Lancôme and I loved that colour! Last summer I wanted to buy one for myself, but guess what. This lipstick collection doesn't exist anymore. You can feel my disappointment. I asked the lady if she could find a colour that resembles the Rouge Magnetic Truly. After comparing many lipsticks, we came to the conclusion that Jolie Rosalie 275M from the Rouge In Love collection is the one!

I have used different perfumes from Davidoff to the One Direction fragrance. I like them all. At the moment I'm using the Eau de Toilette from the Dior Addict collection. I must admit that in the beginning I thought it smelled a little like cucumber, I'm sorry! However, now I really like it :) I'm not trying to be snobby here, I just smelled it and it smells really good. They are not sweet, they are powdery and warm I would say.

& Last but not least! Guess what I bought during the Sales. I bought new eyeliner! I had a marker kind of eyeliner, but I swear, it was a disaster! I am quite good at drawing, but that make-up product made me curse a lot.
I always think girls wearing eyeliner look better. However, I sucked at it UNTIL last Saturday! I bought a liquid eyeliner from a casual shop, because I didn't feel like spending money on something I might throw away. The good part is, I love it!
Dear fellow beginners, here are some tips from my heart to you.
#1 I bought dark brown eyeliner: I think that's less visible, but it's still there.
#2 I bought eyeliner that isn't water-proof: removing small mistakes made with waterproof eyeliner is a nightmare.

That's it for today! I hope you enjoyed it :) The new song will be on the right in my Spotify Playlist!

MissCherry xo

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