Friday, February 5, 2016

Glamorous Bunnies

Hi Guys!

As I'm waiting for my butter to be at room temperature, I thought I could write about Bunnies. I told you already that I have a Bunny since October. She's currently hopping around and trying to hump my foot... She's gonna be spayed next month, because even walking around when she's not in her cage is difficult. She's constantly hopping around my legs, haha!

I never thought I'd buy a Bunny, but on Day1 it just popped into my head and I told my mom. She said she needs to think about it, but as I'm a Scorpio I do things immediately after they pop into my head. On Day2 I texted a friend that I'm getting a bunny and he was like: "That's such a boring pet, they don't get attached or anything", I was really pissed at him. On Day3 I bought the one and only rebellious Amaluna.

I read a lot about Bunnies and I asked many many many questions at the pet store, but I keep on learning about those animals. They also didn't give me the brochure about Bunnies, I found it one day in the pet store and it's for free. They should have given it to me as there are many interesting things written in it, that I should know.

The info below is from the brochure I got at the pet store:

- Bunnies live 5 to 12 years.
The main factor is, how well you look after your Bunny 
- Bunnies don't need to be washed, they keep their fur clean.
- You should buy a Bunny that is at least 7-8 weeks old.
- Before buying a Bunny, check if their ears and eyes are clean, if their fur shines and if their anus isn't irritated. The Bunny should hop around and seem happy, those signs mean that the Bunny is probably healthy.
- Bunnies are the most active in the morning and in the evening.

- Female, but especially male Bunnies mark their territory with urine. You can limit it by spaying or neutering them.
- After buying a Bunny, put him in its cage that is already prepared, afterwards you can gently talk to it, but be aware that it's scared. Give the Bunny its food and water.
- You can buy two Bunnies, but watch out, because they will mate once they are sexually mature.
- A guinea pig can also be a Bunny's good friend.

- Bunnies don't like to be carried.
Amaluna needed over a month to trust me. Once she was sexually mature she became much friendlier, haha, sounds funny, but she's simply cuddlier. I can hold her and she sometimes sleeps in my arms. I think she finally trusts me. Don't force your Bunny, because it will only get scared. Sometimes she's aggressive, but it's more like possessiveness. This happened only two times that she scratched me, when I tried to take something from her cage. Bunnies are really cute and kind animals. My favourite part is when she rolls. That is SO cute!

- Bunnies aren't toys for young children.
- Bunnies that live outside need to be vaccinated.
- Trim your Bunny's nails alone or go to the vet. 
REMEMBER! There is the quick, which is a blood vessel and it shouldn't get hurt!
Personally I prefer going to the vet, because I can't trim her nails alone. She's running away constantly and I'm scared that I might hurt her. I tried to do it when she sleeps, but it isn't simple either. Oh and btw. you need a special scissor to do it.
- Their cages should be placed in calm places, but not in the sun, nor next to the heating, nor in caught, nor next to a TV.
- You can educate your Bunny.

- Bunnies shouldn't stay in their cages, they need to hop around. Protect your house: cables, spaces between furniture, etc.
I read on many pages that Bunnies need toys. I really didn't know what they were talking about. By toys they mean cardboard boxes, toys to hide snacks in, newspapers to bite pieces of, etc. They love cardboard! 
- Bunnies sleep with their eyes open
- The girl at the pet store told me that a Bunny costs 5 euros a month, but that's not true. It costs me around 25 euros + extras. Also think about the vet, etc.
- Bunnies produce many kinds of poop. As they don't produce any sound, it's difficult to know how they feel. That's why their poop says a lot about how they feel and if they're healthy.
Here's a guide to your Bunnies poop: (Hahaha!)

- When it comes to food, you need to know that young Bunnies have a different menu than older Bunnies. They need water, hay, pellets and veggies (NOT all vegetables & NOT for young Bunnies) and fruit is only a snack. Read a lot about it!

I found this great picture on @rabbitresidence 's Instagram

- Bunnies' teeth grow continually, throughout life.

- A cage or a hutch for your Bunny
- A house where the Bunny can rest
- Waterer or a bowl for the water
- A bowl for the pellets
- A rack for the hay
- Litter for the bottom of the cage
- Hay
- Pellets for Bunnies 
- A mineral block for their teeth
- Some snacks
- Safety nail clipper for small animals
- A brush for their fur

- Empty and wash their bowl(s) and/or waterer
- Give them fresh water, hay and pellets
- Let the Bunny hop around. 
Some say 1-2 hours, others say 3-4 hours. Don't be lazy, it's your Bunny's health!
- Play with the Bunny, caress it, give him a lot of attention
- Clean the part of the cage where the Bunny does what comes naturally

- Clean and disinfect the Bunny's cage and fill with clean litter
- Brush your Bunny's fur

This is quite a long Post, but this isn't even everything you need to know about these lovely creatures. Whatever you Google, you will find many answers. I always compare them to be sure that this is the best for my Bunny. There is also a very helpful playlist on YouTube by Howcast :

I hope it helps you a lot!

Amaluna & MissCherry xo

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