Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Deeper Voice

Hello Guys!

Today's post was going to be about something else, but I got inspired by a short conversation I heard.

Casual day, casual people. Nothing to be inspired by. I went from the Pet store to the pharmacy. Nothing to be inspired by, I thought. However when I was about to leave the pharmacy a woman came up to the counter.
'Can I buy some antidepressants?', she murmured.
'What exactly do you mean?', the pharmacist asked
'Or vitamins, Something to cheer up'
'Are they for you?'
'No', she answered looking for words, 'they're for my daughter'.

Those words touched me. The sadness of a mother caused by the sadness of her daughter. While walking back home I thought how this situation would be described in a book.

I looked up and asked her politely 'Are you into art? Have you noticed that the most appreciated paintings are those with depth?', she continued uncertainly.
'Maybe that's what's missing in your daughter's life. Maybe she's a Mondian. Maybe the colours in her painting make you think it represents happiness.' I paused. 'It's visible that there is no depth, however the bright colours blind you. There is no depth in her. She represents the sadness after war. Maybe all she needs to do is draw her life with more depth.'

The woman looked at me confused.

'Help her to paint a new masterpiece. She cannot burn the present one. Let her keep it. Only remember, not to let her use the primary colours only. Her painting doesn't need to look happy. Her painting needs depth.'

MissCherry xo

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