Saturday, August 20, 2016


Good evening Guys!

Guess what I've been doing. 
Packing all day long! 
I still have over 48 hours left, so it should be okay.
I feel quite calm about this adventure, but when I was packing 
I had literally breathing problems. I think I subconsciously stress about it.

Tomorrow I'll continue, but now I decided to write about that one book.

 written by 
Drew Barrymore

I've got one funny anecdote to tell you first. 
Before reading this book, I read The Art Of The Interview
& there was the exact same quote in both books!

"When I was with him as a teenager he told me he needed food, and I asked him, 'Oh yeah, are you hungry?' He looked at me wide-eyed and indignant. 'Hungry? I was hungry since the day I was born!'"

Like my Favourite book says that we accept the love we think we deserve, 
that's how I think that we notice the quotes that reflect our soul.
So maybe the quotes we choose say more about us than about the book?

Here they come:

"She would also tell me that when I felt lost, the best things to do was write! And as a lover of journals, this really spoke to me. (...) This pink leather-bound journal was delivered to my door with a note that read, 'Start writing to your daughter and keep it up every day! Love, Kate'"

"Because this one man believed in my silly stories, he made me feel like I could do anything."

"I need to mention that I made pancakes for my man. 'It's good.' I felt relieved. 'And you know I'd tell you otherwise,' he said, and it's true, he would.
As much as I want to kill him when he does tell me he doesn't like soothing. I am always grateful when he does like something because I know it's genuine! And I hate yes-men. I like it real. Honest. Tough love with support!"

"I called her up late and said, 'You know, we can keep talking about this or we can actually do it. And I say we just go rent an RV in the morning and GO!' And much to my happiness, she said yes, and we did just that! (...) We would be on the open road for one month -- let the games begin!"

"When I was in the school yard, there was no denying that I simply didn't posses any ability for agility either, as I was always last to be picked for a sporty game. I understood. And although it made me look like a loser, I actually agreed with those team captains."

"There was a desire in me to believe that people have extraordinary destinies and that, after all, most of our heroes in life are human beings. We can have faith in those people, and just as important, we can be heroes too. We all have the capacity to be divine, but that damn ego always lets some people think they are bigger or better than others."

"There should be no 'I' in what you are saying or thinking or feeling. You have to separate yourself from yourself. You have to realise that 'you' are nothing and 'we' are all everything. (...) We are all a part of everything. You are the sunshine and the air and a flower in a field. (...) Everything is alive and connected."

"And she was right. I didn't question whether he was 'the one'. I was trying to figure out how I would go all the way with this man and really create that family. (...) You make a choice to commit and you move forward. You live your life. And you appreciate what you have."

Even though I thought the book was going to be quite superficial,
I found inspiring quotes! 

MissCherry xo

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