Tuesday, August 2, 2016

I Wouldn’t Hold My Breath If I Was You

I think I am taking my challenges way too seriously, haha! 
We're Tuesday evening and I read out two books. 
I wore a dress two days in a row, 
even though it's raining for like 24 hours. 

One way or another, I finally read the last 36 pages of
How To Find Your Soulmate 
Without Losing Your Soul

One day I came back home and it was simply on my desk. 
My mom bought it for me. The first thing I did -- I rolled my eyes. 
The truth is, I  really enjoyed it. 

It is a religious book written by Jason and Crystalina Evert. 
You get to know the opinion of both a man and a woman. 
A man who never gave up and a woman who found herself. 

Let's be honest, the book is 70% about why you should have sex after marriage.

Even though I kept on undermining their arguments, 
their examples made me admit -- they made a good point!
For all stubborn kids like me, it's really worth giving it a shot. 

In a world where we keep on reading titles like 
"How to feel better after a one-night stand?" 
it feels good to get to know a completely opposite lifestyle.

Here's an excerpt from the book. 
Those are all fragments I picked out + I translated them myself, 
which means, these aren't the original words. 

He can't live without you, but he has a girlfriend. The main problem of a Hot N Cold guy is making a decision, because he's interested in multiple women at the same time. He will be crazy about you... Once he's done with the other girl. 
A woman, who's in a relationship with a Hot N Cold guy looks like someone, who's stuck in a revolving door and she can't get out. "Oh, I'm inside! Oh, I'm outside!" (...)Luckily, it's easy to decipher a Hot N Cold guy. Most of the time they're in a relationship based on physicality and they don't feel like declaring anything. (...) You don't have to beg for their interest. Instead of handing him everything on a plate, try to make him fight for your heart. 
Love flourishes where you have commitment. So don't waste another few years on something that only exists in your imagination. Would you like to spend your life with a man, who's too passive and spineless?

A Bad Boy is a man who usually comes from a pathological family and that's why he has difficulties at school or at work, alcohol and drug addictions, that's why he's using violence or everything at once. 
Many girl are crazy about Bad Boys. When a woman gets attached to such a man, she starts feeling compassion and "sees in him what nobody else notices". She dreams about his potential, neglecting the fact that he won't grow up and he won't have a better life. As a result, women tend to keep a never-ending relationship, ignoring their intuition, that tells them to RUN. (...) If a guy ever tells you that he cannot live without you, trust me: he doesn't need a girlfriend. He needs a therapist. As long as both sides aren't healthy, you won't build a heathy relationship.
If a guy sees drugs, violence or alcohol as a way to manage stress, he will use stress as an excuse for bad behaviour. Remember that marriage and adulthood consist of lots of stress.

A teenage boy might have even 20 times more testosterone in his body than a woman. However, there are still adult men with the same problem. (...) It's important to notice: even though men have a lot of testosterone in their bodies, some of them can control it, while others are controlled by it.
A Walking Hormone thinks only about one thing. To reach his goal, he will usually manipulate the girl by putting pressure on her or by making her feel guilty. Friends might congratulate him, but a Walking Hormone is no-one else than a slave to his weaknesses. 
A Walking Hormone is also every guy who watches porn or asks you for nudes. (...) One man admitted: "Porn was my sex education for a very long time before actually having sex". Can you imagine what happens with the vision on sexuality when your professors are... porn producers?
A certain man described the love you're looking for as: "A wife must love her husband as if there was no other man on earth; and a husband should love his wife the exact same way -- as if no other woman existed". You can't consider a guy as a man, if he doesn't treat his woman with dignity. When a guy learns how to forget about himself to be good to someone else, he becomes a man. It happens when a guy learns what sacrifice means.

The Beautiful Killer has a lot in common with the Walking Hormone, but he's quite intelligent, which makes him particularly dangerous. The Beautiful Killer is aware that the majority of men need reasons not to have sex, while women in general need reasons to do it. 
While the Walking Hormone says out loud that he wants to have sex, the Beautiful Killer will be nice enough to convince you that you're the only one deciding about it. As the girl notices that the guy is a real gentleman she becomes an easy victim. 
Watch out, even though a Beautiful Killer won't push you to have sex, he won't push you keep your purity either.

At the beginning of a relationship a girl might like that her boyfriend is possessive or jealous. She might think: "Wow, how nice that he cares about everything I do". However, after little time you will notice that this "devotion" is unhealthy. 
Here are some examples:
- He asks you questions like "did you talk with that man while you went out?"
- He is jealous, but he says it's because he loves you.
- He makes you feel guilty when you spend time with others and not with him.
- He has different norms for himself than for you.
- He always acts as if he's the victim and makes you feel guilty. 
- He tells you that you are the lucky one because you have him and not the other way around. 
Just like him, you're also the victim. You can't change his behaviour, but you can change yours. If you're together -- Run! If it hasn't started yet -- Don't even think about it!

When it comes to the age difference, the older the couple is, the less it matters. 
In a world where every billboard and tabloid cover makes a girl feel that she isn't pretty enough, it feels great to meet a man who finds you attractive. (...) The fact is, she might not love the person she met, but she might love that someone wants her. 
A young girl feels excited that she has a much older boyfriend. As a woman's brain matures two to three years faster than a man's brain, the immaturity of her peers might look lame to a girl. Especially when going on a "level higher" looks very exciting. However, young women should be aware that mature men won't date much younger girls.

He's the type of guy who has a problem with his tongue. You have to analyse the words he pronounces because his language will show you the intentions of his heart. 
The reason why a man ruins a woman's self-esteem is because he has a negative image of himself. He feels that he will only keep a girl when her self-esteem will be lower than his. (...) Every time you give up on fake love, you are one step closer to real love. A man has to learn how to bless and not how to curse and he will only learn it when he'll notice that he paid for it with the friendship and love he craved for.
Once a man starts telling that you couldn't have found better than him, realise that you probably couldn't have found worse.

Usually our male pride tells us to accuse someone else, while we know that we are the only guilty ones. (...) That's why you should pay attention to excuses that justify cheating. Here are some examples:
- It was an accident
- She simply started kissing me all of a sudden
- I don't know how it happened. There was this spark and afterwards I couldn't stop myself
- I was drunk
If he calls you a week later to tell you he's a different person, it means he will be that different person five years later. Tell him, he should call you back after that time. The main reason is infidelity in a man's heart. Remember in the future: if you meet a man that you can't trust, it means you're dating the wrong person. When a woman starts feeling a slightly bit uncertain, it means she's very close to discovering something." 

Imagine that you're married and you go to your bedroom around 8 P.M. On your way you peep into your kid's room and you see your husband teaching your daughter how to pray. 
Now imagine Sunday morning, while getting ready to church with your daughter. You're almost leaving and you turn around to you see your husband, where you can usually find him, in front of the tv. 
The Religious Dummy is a guy who has many positive qualities, but he can't bring you closer to God. He has tons of questions, but he won't put any effort to find some answer.

If you think that your connection is real, because you spent 4 hours talking yesterday night, it's time to find some new hobby outside. (...) Mr. Online has the power to show you the sides he wants to be seen and not the way he is seen in real life. (...) There's no such thing as dating online. You can meet someone online, but every real relationship starts when there's no screen between you two.


For more info go to:

Hahaha, this website sounds as if someone's desperate. NO, it's not!
 It's a book to answer every girl's doubts. 

- How do I know when a guy really loves me?
- Am I being too picky?
- Do I even deserve love?
- Is my relationship worth keeping?
- Is love worth the risk?
- Are any decent guys left?

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