Monday, August 8, 2016

Para Todos, Todos Los Días

No, I don't learn Spanish. It is written on my Hand & Body Cream. 
That's Spanish, right? Haha
Very relatable to the books content, though! 

The title is
Management Of Organisational Behaviour 
written by 
Paul Hersey
Kenneth H. Blanchard 
Dewey E. Johnson 

It's definitely for those who feel like being a leader.
I am not in the mood to be the Alpha Wolf.
I want to be Independent, but not the Leader. 
I hope you understand what I mean.
It makes perfectly sense to me!

Here are some literal excerpts that might tickle your curiosity. 

"When a person is alone, the world may seem "out of whack", but finding an environment in which others hold the same beliefs somehow makes order out of chaos. (...) Misery does not love just any company, it loves other miserable company." 


"Listening is one of the most critical skills in the communication process."


"Another thing to keep in mind in terms of learning is how you feel about learning something new. How did you feel the first time you ever tried to hit a baseball? If you were like most people, you felt anxious, nervous, and uncomfortable. This is the way most of us feel any time we attempt to do something new -- something significantly different from the things we are already comfortable doing."


"We speak at an average pace of 125 words per minute, but our brain is able to listen at a speed of 400 to 600 words per minute. (...) A "listening gap" occurs for the average person. The gap allows the brain to wander to thoughts unrelated to those being expressed by the speaker.


"Unless good feelings and kind thoughts are expressed, they mean nothing.”


"State your gut feelings (...) Although praisings do not take very long, they can have lasting effects. 
(…) These same concepts apply to any relationship, not only making people better managers. (...) Consider marriage, for example. A recent study reported that more second marriages break up than first marriages. (...) What that study confirmed was that if you are a "jerk" in one relationship, you'll probably be a jerk in your next relationship as well -- unless you learn the basics of human interaction."


"Self-esteem. It isn't fixed; it can change from day to day or even from hour to hour. Self-esteem is basically like a door that is locked from the inside."


"Make Time For Praising. Try it. You'll like catching people doing things right. It will put a spring in your step and a sparkle in their eye. And just imagine what it will do for the people you catch!"


"Reprimand Behaviour, Not the Person. First, you want to separate people's behaviour from them as individuals. You want to keep the people but get rid of their poor behaviour. (...) Focus on their behaviour without attacking them personally." 


I know, my quotes aren't very dry facts about management and being a leader.
But that's what I like about reading. 
I love finding relatable things. 

I hope you enjoyed this post!

This could definitely be my job.

MissCherry xo 

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