Saturday, September 3, 2016

It's a Different Kind of Love

Good morning Folks!

It's really early for an Irish morning. It's 8.37am and it's Saturday, haha
Like I said, do not underestimate a one-hour jet lag! In Brussels it's almost 10am, which is a normal time to get up for me.

Ireland is so much fun! Even though the Irish rain is greeting me since a few days, the Irish people compensate it. The Portuguese seemed to be open and warm, but the Irish are a completely new level of friendliness! 

Last week I went to one Irish Language class, which was GRAND! #IrishExpression

♣︎ The Irish Language has 10 vowels. This means every vowel does also exist with a fada, which makes the vowel sound longer.
♣︎ Gaeltacht : region where the Irish language is the first language (not English).
♣︎ Irish is the oldest and most historic written language in the world.
♣︎ There are 6 Celtic languages: Breton, Gaelige (Irish), Welsh, Manx, Cornish and Scottish.
♣︎ The Irish language arrived with the Celts ca. 500 BC
♣︎ It is an official language of the EU since 2007
♣︎ AOI is pronounced like [i] no not [aj]
♣︎ BH is pronounced like [v]

So here comes my simple Irish conversation.

Dia duit! 
(literal meaning 'May God Bless You') 
[dia gɥit]
Dia is Muira duit! 
This is what you reply to greet somebody back 
(literal meaning 'God and Mary to you') 
[dia smwira gɥit]
Conas atá tú? 
How are you? 
[kɔnas atoo tuu]
Tá mé go maith! Agus tusa?
I'm doing good! And you? 
[too mɛh gɔ mah]
Tá mé go maith, go raibh maith agat!
I'm good, thanks! 
(This is the longest 'thank you' I've ever learned! 
It literally means 'May good come to you') 
[too mɛh gɔ may, gɔrajvmatagat] 
Cé tusa? Is mise Aleksandra.
Who are you? I am Aleksandra. 
[ke tusa. Is miʃa ...]
Slán leat!
[slawn ljat]

One more goal achieved of my Day Zero Project!

That's it for today! It's time to get up now!

Thanks a million! #IrishExpressionAGAIN

MissCherry xo

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