Monday, May 8, 2017

Our Souls At Night

Hi Guys! 

It took me so long to write this blog post. 
Like always. Haha, why am I even mentioning it?

I also had an idea for the intro, but I forgot it by now. 

One way or another, I'm going to write about a book again. 
A book that is definitely one of my favourites. 

I always wonder if we feel the same at 3 AM and at 3 PM. Not that I am often awake at 3 AM, but do we feel the same about moments in our life, about certain people, about hopes and dreams? 

Or... What if we're much more vulnerable, and think through emotions and not rationally... 
Or is it the other way around? What if we're more real at night than during the day?
Philosophical questions ♥︎ 

The title of the book is
Our Souls At Night
Kent Haruf

I must admit that I read the book quite chaotically. 
In the evening while falling asleep, on the airplane while stressing a bit, 
then wanted to read in Italy, but the days were too busy. 
Finally finished it the same day we came back from Italy... After only 3 hours of sleep. 

It's lovely though! Here comes my favourite excerpt: 

It's pretty much 3/4 of a chapter haha!

Also, this is a conversation between the two main characters. 


'Do you have something in mind you want to talk about? she said. 
Not anything urgent. Just to start talking.

I'm full of questions, mostly.

I have some too, she said. But what are yours?

I wondered why you picked me. 
We don't know each other very well. 

Did you think I would just pick anyone? 
That I just want anybody to keep me warm at night? 
Just any old person to talk to? 

I didn't think that. 
But I don't know why you picked me. 

Are you sorry I did?

No. It's not that at all. I'm just curious. 
I wondered. 

Because I think you're a good man. 
A kind man.

I hope I am.

I think you are. 
And I've always thought of you 
as someone I might be able to like and to talk to.

How have you thought of me, if you ever have?

I've thought of you, he said.

In what way? 

As a good-looking woman. 
Someone with substance. Character.

Why would you say that?

Because of how you love. 
How you managed your life after Carl died. 
That was a hard time for you, he said. 
That's what I mean. 
I know what it was like for me 
after my wife died, and I could see 
that you were doing better than I did. 
I admitted that. 

You never came over or made a point 
of saying anything, she said. 

I didn't want to seem intrusive. 

You wouldn't have. I was very lonely.

I assumed that. But still didn't do anything. 

What else do you want to know?

Where you came from. Where you grew up. What you were like as a girl. 
What your parents were like. If you have brothers or sisters. How you met Carl. 
What's your relationship with your son. Why you moved to Holt. Who your friends are. 
What you believe. What party you vote for.'


Isn't it just adorable? 

Another reason why I like this book is because today many of us think that we're among unbreakable people. Of course, we know that you have those who deal with stress worse than others. But you don't want to become part of that group. Therefore, you try to hide your vulnerable side. 

However, after the interviews for BRUZZ, I realised that it's true that most people surrounding us are actually filled with kindness and you could have the most inspiring conversations with them.

This book proves that you don't need a reason to talk to someone. Okay, the main reason was loneliness here. But after all, aren't we all just a little lonely when we are stuck in work and routine?

I'm probably not the most talkative person when a stranger talks to me on the street. However, from guide to people you've said hi three times or so. It's okay to ask them how life's going. 
In my opinion of course :)

MissCherry xo

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